Gaming NFTs are meant to be used.

Narval is a wallet-based NFT asset management solution optimized for Web3 gaming.

Get your NFTs out of the vault
Built for NFT investors, whales, and Guilds

Securely manage your assets, and put them to use. At scale.

Security First

All transactions are backed by our institutional-grade security protocols.

Usage Delegation

Keep track of where they are, where they were, and where your NFTs should be.

Easy Payments

Payouts that make sense. See what you need to see, and only what you need.

Secure, dedicated wallet

Wallet-based asset management

Access the blockchain gaming ecosystem with enterprise-grade security.

Secure, dedicate wallet
Gaming NFT usage at scale

Put your assets to work for you

Don't let your valuable gaming NFTs sit idle. You set the terms, and we take care of everything else.

Gaming NFT Usage At Scale
Elegant reporting and earnouts

Payments that just make sense

Narval takes care of all the math for you. Spend more time managing your assets, not managing the books.

Simple Payments

Get started now.

Narval is currently white-glove invite-only and working on building a platform that works for you. Contact us now to get started:

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Narval is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance and is backed by
Backed by Fabric Ventures and FRST

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