Multi-player web3 wallets,
for organizations.

Secure, govern, and use your NFTs & digital assets with web3-native policy controls on top of your preferred custody model.

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Web3 Guilds

Manage gaming NFTs, automate your scholarships & tournaments, securely operate e-sports teams.


Collective ownership meets individual usage. Safely delegate usage of assets to DAO members.

NFT Funds

Lend gaming assets to Guilds and Players. Delegate DAO governance votes. Access all of DeFi.


Don’t be tied to a single wallet provider. One API to integrate custodial, MPC, and smart wallets into your game or app.

The Narval Armory Platform

The tools you need to manage complex assets in a modern organization

Flexible Custody Model

MPC, Self-custody, Smart Wallets
Use our best-in-class MPC key storage or bring your own custody. On-chain, or off-chain.

Web3 Policy Engine

Web3-native approval rules
The most advanced policy engine to safely govern web3 & DeFi interactions. Like multi-sig on steroids.

Usage Delegation

Enhanced account abstraction
Decide who can use each wallet, for how long, and which policy rules apply.

Open API

Integrations, custom apps
Automations, custom UI, integrations to your own tools - our platform is built API-first giving you full control over your workspace and wallets.


Polygon, Ethereum, EVM L1 & L2s
All your assets under one roof. Manage assets and wallets across chains in a consistent interface with consistent user authentication.

Beneficiary Accounting

Complex balance calculations
Build your token inflow/outflow balance splits. Automatically track earnings & commissions between beneficiaries. Unified accounting ledger.
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cube graphic
A vault secures valuable treasury assets.
An Armory is designed to secure valuable useful assets.

How It Works

Secure Your Keys

Generate your organization wallets, backed by your choice of key storage. Even run an encrypted self-custody server for existing keys.

Define your Access

Set up roles, auto-approved access levels, authorized contracts & functions. Start from scratch or with our Guild and DAO templates.

Use your Assets

Invite your organization & start using your assets. Connect to any dApp with Wallet Connect or our Metamask-compatible extension.
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