Wallet Management
for Organizations

Securely use your digital assets with web3-native policy controls over any key storage & custody model


Web3 Orgs

Enable members to operate your organization-owned wallets on dApps, games and web3 social.


Create internal team wallets, empower your agency to run NFT drops with your wallets.


Access all of web3, DeFi, NFT-Fi. Delegate governance votes. All from one platform.


Operate wallets with an API. One API to integrate custodial, MPC, and smart wallets.

The Narval Armory Platform

The tools you need to manage complex assets in a modern organization

Flexible Custody Model

MPC, Self-custody, Smart Wallets
Choose your own custody model. Generate new wallets via Narval or our partners, or bring your own keys & custody.

Web3 Policy Engine

Enhanced account abstraction
Far beyond setting spending limits. Build complex rules to empower on-chain interactions, message signing, and asset transfers.


All major EVM Chains
All your assets under one roof. Manage assets and wallets across chains in a consistent interface with consistent user authentication.

Open API

Integrations, custom apps
Automations, custom UI, integrations to your own tools - our platform is built API-first giving you full control over your workspace and wallets.

Management Console

Your wallet & asset hub
Create, manage, & track all your wallets and counterparties. Assign members & teams to those wallets to securely operate your assets.

Wallet Client

Connect to any dApp
Engage with the full power of web3 with direct dApp interactions through a browser-based wallet client.

Supported chains

A platform designed for Web3 organizations

Secure your Keys

Generate your organization wallets, backed by your choice of key storage. Run an encrypted self-custody server for existing keys.

Define your Access

Build granular rules effortlessly. Set up roles, auto-approved access levels, multi-approval scenarios. Start from scratch or with our templates.

Use your Assets

Invite your organization & start using your assets. Connect to any dApp with Wallet Connect or our Metamask-compatible extension.

A vault secures valuable treasury assets.

An Armory makes critical assets usable.

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